Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chocolate Confessions

Confession #1: I haven't always liked chocolate. Until I was about 16 years old, I didn't even like it a little! Those of you who know me must be shocked at this revelation. These days, there are few things better than a bit of chocolate! My conversion began with York peppermint patties in my stocking one Christmas morning. (I still find the chocolate/mint combination to be the most satisfying. I recently even made mint patties in my own kitchen (below on the right)--delicious!)

Confession #2 (and this is the big one): I can't eat American chocolate anymore. The moment I first tasted European chocolate, its superiority over American chocolate was immediately evident, but I hadn't yet become so spoiled as to be repulsed by American chocolate. Unfortunately I recently ate some American chocolate--it was even the highest-quality stuff--and I'm not just saying I prefer European chocolate over American; I'm actually saying that I can't stand American chocolate and can't eat it. It's disgusting! (This is shocking; I never thought I'd say I can't eat See's again!) Speaking of a certain brand of European chocolate, my friend Cheria said that it "makes American chocolate taste like plastic." I agree with her and extend that description to all European chocolate I've tasted. What's really sad is that I know I'll have to move back to the US someday, and European chocolate will no longer be as accessible.

Confession #3: Cadbury is not my favourite English chocolate bar. I've been conducting a taste test poll among friends and Jacob's coworkers to see which milk chocolate bar is more popular. The winners of the "Where's Jacob?" contest were also asked to participate in the taste test (as part of their prize). Here's where things stand in the Cadbury chocolate versus Galaxy chocolate poll: Cadbury: 5, Galaxy: 13. My friend Hollie says the Cadbury, though good, is just "too much work" and that the Galaxy is "a better creamy." My brother Mike and his wife Melissa initially liked the Galaxy but changed their minds because the Cadbury has a more chocolaty taste.

Emily and Joel took their task of taste-testing the chocolate very seriously. We received a scientific paper from them entitled "A taste test study looking at the comparative favorability of Galaxy to Cadbury milk chocolate," in which they reported on their double-blind taste test involving 2 test groups (their friends Shannon and Simon--pictured on the left). One participant in their Result Group B said that "...the [Cadbury] was quite good...but the luscious-deliciousness of the [Galaxy] won me over." Their study concluded that the Galaxy bar is "superior to the Cadbury milk chocolate bar in taste, texture, aesthetic appeal and overall experience." Although there is definitely room in my life for both Cadbury and Galaxy, I have to agree with their findings.
The above photo is of one of my favorite chocolate experiences so far. When we were in Germany in October I found myself in the chocolate aisle of a grocery store admiring the many varieties of Milka bars. I couldn't resist this one: Milka Kuhflecken--white and milk chocolate in a pattern resembling a cow's spots. Not only adorable, but mouthwateringly delicious.

I'll just leave you with this photo of not-so-subtle British marketing messages on chocolate bars. You know you want to...


Sheri said...

The Alaska Test Group is ready to conduct our test so - send all the Cadbury and Galaxy chocolate you can (soon!). Love you!

Jennie said...

All I can say is yummy :) Our family LOVED our treats from Uncle Jacob and Aunt Rachel. Thank you so much for sharing your favorites with us. We shared with everyone! Alex didn't want to share the malt balls though :) Love you, Jennie

Hollie and Mike Christiansen said...

Did you seriously take your camera with you to the store! :) I can't handle the humor you give me sometimes. What a wonderful tribute to chocolate. I certainly agree that American chocolate just can't be tolerated after such spoils of Europe.

Horus said...

i love chocolate so much that i am working up 2 blogs exclusively on the subject.. and i liked your post so much that iput a link to iit on my blogrolls on both blogs on following links!
you can give me a link back if u like i would appreciate it.. but dont have to if you dont want.. your links will stay there just the same. Nice blog you work on!